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A harrowing tale of corruption

in the unscrupulous brainwashed world.

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Profit$ Profit$ Profit

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Why are we all so sick?


Is Big Pharma is Killing Us?

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“Dying for Profits”

We are creating this series to change the world. There is a movement in place where many are turning away from the big profit industries and going back to natural healing. The corruption and deception in the medical sector are beyond ludicrous. People are dying. Death by Doctor is the number one cause of death in the United States, and they are getting away with murder. Politicians are bought and paid for by PAC funding from big businesses, and corruption is the foundation of our government. We want to put a spotlight on this and also tell you what you can do. We have the answers for you.

Our movie is not just a movie; it is a movement. We are going to start the most significant battle against lies, deception, and corruption that you have ever seen.

We plan to group some of the best minds in the world to begin our battle. We already have a list of very well known doctors and scientists that have agreed to participate in our project.

You can make an anonymous donation or support us with your sponsorship and everything in between. You set the stage.

Censorship has begun! Some of social media, content sharing platforms and search engines are owned by the pharmaceutical industry, and the others are being pressured by politicians to remove anti-vaccination information from public view. Whether you believe in vaccination or not, they are trying to suppress the truth to continue their control of our thoughts and our actions.

Our Director has 20 years of experience as an investigator and over ten years of experience in the media business. She is an international award-winner and driven to promote factual information and natural healing.

Our Producer has been working for over 35 years in the industry. She has a proven track record in creating high-end top of the line cinematography and brings to the table a plethora of knowledge and information to streamline the project into production.

Our documentary series will stream worldwide upon completion.

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Exposing corruption and bringing you fact-based science